Overview projects

Experience our passion, to combine functional and technical excellence in our product development. Two examples among our various products are:

  • NOAH 2018 – modern notary application based on cutting edge technology
  • ISIDOR – web based application to support all necessary processes in a church organizations

Software craftsmanship:

The design of competitive products relies always on good software engineering skills. At Westernacher Solutions, software craftsmanship is not just a verbal formula, it is our attitude. Thus, beside the steady use of modern software technologies for our development, continuous improvement of our development skills and techniques is our self-concept. Embedded in a continuous deployment strategy we are using software techniques like TDD, BDD, and pair programming to ensure good software quality. Applying agile approaches as XP, Scrum or Kanban supports our demand of continuously delivering good software, and to improve our processes through continuous feedback, intensive communication, and collaboration among our self-organised, cross-functional teams.