Finding instead of searching – with Alfresco Enterprise Search

Use Alfresco as a cross-platform enterprise search, to have all business-related information in direct access.

Employees still spend an unnecessary amount of time searching for information. This reduces productivity while increasing costs. In business nowadays, more and more data and information aggregate from a variety of sources. For users, it is increasingly important to link the information from the different areas of the company together – regardless of where it was collected and in what application they are managed . Enterprise Search solutions help employees to make this knowledge quickly and efficiently accessible, whether it is kept in databases or file systems.

Information always in access

Easy & flexible Integration of more systems

Central Search saves cost and time

Enterprise Search with Alfresco

This is where the Westernacher solution for Alfresco draws on. Westernachers Enterprise Search for Alfresco allows you to link all existing informations within the company or organization together and find information efficiently. Users get a quick overview in the context of the particular search term, without time-consuming search for information in different applications. The employee is purposefully able to access to information from a variety of applications such as ECM, commercial apllications (ERP), client applications (CRM) or the e-mail system directly in Alfresco.

Due to the use of intelligent dictionaries in the background, the Westernacher Enterprise Search module will also find documents, that contain only elements of the search term.

Reasons for the introduction of an ECM system

Reasons for the introduction of an Enterprise Content Management System
Reasons for the introduction of an Enterprise Content Management System

Functional Overview


  • Categories (matches in person names, properties etc.)
  • Count of found matches
  • Fulltext matches in autocomplete
  • Suggestions


  • Support for dynamic facets, static facets, mixed forms (static parts + dynamic facets from the search)
  • Configuration of facets (static, dynamic or both)

Search (general)

  • Support for multiply queries (Tabs)
  • Save queries (Saved search, manageable)
  • Sorting by single or multiple fields
  • Wild card support
  • Like search
  • Date support with Date-selectors, Date formatters
  • Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Location support: Search in Context (Folder, Site, All Sites, File Share etc.)

Result view

  • Pluggable concept (Project custom views, metadata, Links etc.)
  • Different views (Details, Simple, Table)
  • Hover popup (Preview, extra metadata, etc.)
  • Highlighting in found matches (in list and details view)