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Future Notary

NOAH 2018 - Giraffe
Efficient | Modern | Future-proof – with NOAH 2018 you allocate your notarial processes completely and ensure the smooth process in your notary.

With the completely new developed notary solution NOAH 2018, we are paving the way for the future of information processing in the notary. Building on the strengths of the existing NOAH software, especially the seamless integration with the standard word processing Microsoft Word, the NOAH 2018 is developed from scratch.

NOAH 2018 offers you a modern technical architecture and integrates current and future functions into a coherent overall concept: document management and electronic file management, the support of all registries and services of the Bundesnotarkammer, a comprehensive workflow management, integration of the special electronic Inbox for notaries as well as safe client communication and preparation for the documents archive.

NOAH 2018 Highlights

  • Modern and future-proof software architecture
  • Complete coverage of your notarial processes
  • Direct integration of Microsoft Word
  • Integrated document management
  • Simultaneous file and document view

  • Comprehensive integration of electronic services
  • Fast and flexible comfort search
  • Modern user interface with scalable masks
  • Connection to the services of the Federal Chamber of Notaries
  • Use on mobile devices such as notebooks or tablets

All functions in an easy-to-use software solution – this is NOAH 2018

NOAH 2018 offers you a modern, easy-to-use interface. User guidance is intuitive and is tailored to the notarial processes. In the operating concept, you are not set to individual, predefined input options. Do you use classic keyboard and mouse or do you prefer to work on a mobile device with a touch screen? Would you like to integrate scanned documents or PDF forms into the processes? NOAH 2018 offers you these possibilities! All functions are available independently of the input device.

NOAH 2018 in use – on stationary desktop PCs and mobile devices

  • Use NOAH 2018 on mobile Devices

  • Work on several operations at the same time

  • Everything at a glance with the NOAH 2018 Dashboard