Welcome to our Branch in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian team

The Bulgarian office prides itself on an impressive portfolio of versatile software engineers among whom Java Web developers, .NET engineers, full stack architects and QA experts. What we find really inspiring is the opportunity to create our own products from scratch and use the latest cutting-edge technologies.  Too good to be true?

Well, that’s still not the best part. If the chance to apply technical innovations is a magnet for every top-notch software engineer, the friendly everyday communication we enjoy with our German colleagues makes our work a real pleasure. Not only do we “speak the same language”, but from Software Engineer to Product Owner – we’re on equal footing when it comes to contributing ideas and improving the overall architecture. What can be more rewarding than that?

Our products

Our Bulgarian team is currently actively involved in the development of the first product Westernacher Solutions is financing entirely on its own – NOAH. This product is just a logical continuation of successful solutions for government agencies in which the team participated in the past. As for the future – just wait and see! Using the experience and knowledge, gained in the creation of Noah, the team is going to play a central role in the company’s strategic plans to further invest in product development, thus, consolidating the reputation of Westernacher Solutions as a leader of innovations and technical excellence.

The technologies we use

How do we deliver exceptional quality and superior products? Well, by keeping up with the latest trends in code development and quality assurance. Our challenging cloud-oriented Java web projects rely on RESTful architecture, where the backend is implemented in Spring Boot. Angular 2 and TypeScript elevate our frontend to new heights. Integration with Elastic Search and MS Office 365 help us offer complex, holistic solutions for the public sector in Germany. To ensure 100% coverage of the functionalities we develop, our QA colleagues rigorously implement automation tests, using Selenium and Geb. In order to keep our code base neat we use Git as version control system.

As champions of innovation, we believe in self-management teams, which follow agile methodologies such as XP, Scrum and Kanban or even Scrumban. So, the whole Atlassian Stack (e.g. JIRA, Bamboo, Bitbucket) guides us on our journey to lean code and bug-free life!

Our working environment

Snuggled at the foot of Vitosha mountain, the Bulgarian office combines picturesque scenery and cosy atmosphere. We consider ourselves a family and that’s why our working environment feels like home, too. One minute we may be working hard – doing research, implementing core functionalities, structuring the innovative look and feel of an application or performing automated tests, the next one – we might be playing the strangest sports or chilling out in our newly-equipped fun room. Whatever we do, WE remain true to ourselves – determined, exceptional, united! A true WE team!